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1-  The Frogs perform at Center Camp

Beginning students at Arjuna's daily throat-singing classes were called Tadpoles. Those who got good enough (or were already accomplished throat singers) were awarded the Mantle and Glasses of the Tribe of Frogs.

We performed as a tribe at the Center Camp stage late Thursday afternoon. Here Spencer does a solo as Jim and Alison look on.

2-  Ukelele Ladies at Alien Love Camp

Alien Love Camp offers a cool medallion to anyone performing on its stage. Fresh from performing as a Frog across the street at Center Camp, Jim sang an old song from the 20's, "Ukelele Lady," backed up by a great group of Ukelele Ladies including Celestine, June, Ginette, and Megan.

I used to linger in the moonlight, on Honolulu Bay
My memories cling to me by moonlight, although I'm far away
Where all the beaches are full of peaches who bring their ukes along
Someday I'm going, where breezes are blowing, and lips are made to kiss (kiss, kiss)
And in the glimmer of the moonlight, I'll hear that song, I miss


3-  Jim backed by Ukelele Ladies Ginette, Jehanne and Megan

If you like a ukelele lady, ukelele lady likea you
If you like to linger where it's shady, ukelele lady linger too
If you kiss a ukelele lady, and you promise ever to be true
And she sees another ukelele lady fooling 'round with you
Maybe she'll sigh (an awful lot)
Maybe she'll cry (and maybe not)
Maybe she'll find somebody else, by and by and by
To cling to, when it's cool and shady
When it's very wicky-wacky-woo
If you like a ukelele lady,
Ukelele lady likea you like me like I like you like we both like the same
And I'd like to say, this very day, ukelele lady likea you-u-u-u!


4-  Celestine biking by Center Camp

All too briefly we were visited (and videotaped) by the celestial Celestine.

5-  Sadie in Oracle mode

The incomparable Sadie was another frequent visitor & member of the Procession.

6-  Blue Paul with Sarah

No Burning Man camp is complete without a visit from a blue person. This year the bluest was Paul.

7-  Jim Corpi sucks Lulu into a latex world

Wandering along the Esplanade one night we stumbled on Jim Corpi’s immersive “Latex Vacuum Bed.”

You lie naked in a large latex bag, breathing through a small hole as Jim turns on an old vacuum cleaner.

8-  Lulu dancing in the Latex Vacuum Bed

It's like being wrapped inside a giant wad of chewing gum.

Form-fitting latex envelops you as you float and dance...

9-  Dusty Tai Chi

Dust storms were so prevalent this year that sometimes Papa Wu had to cancel or postpone morning Tai Chi and Hua Shan Bear Clan.

Wu did manage to fulfill a longtime ambition, though. Late Thursday afternoon he led an expedition to Center Camp, where close to 100 people were initiated in the Hua Shan Bear Clan.

Hua Shan!

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