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1-  Arjuna playing Tibetan Horn in the Frog Pond

A comfortable hang-out space under an old parachute became the Frog Pond, after the throat singers often found toning there. Lounging on the couch is Dragonfly, whose space next door was another favorite hang-out.

Arjuna likes to play his Tibetan horn like a digeridoo, and also amplifies overtones through it.

2-  Sarah with the gong

3-  Arjuna washing Annie's feet

Playa-foot is a danger in the desert. Arjuna is very versatile with his huge collection of singing bowls.


4-  Cathy and Will in the Frog Pond

From L.A., with matching hats, shades and smiles.


5-  Cathy in Dragonfly's Lair

The very pattern of a once and future model.

6-  Papa Wu and Megan

It took Megan a while to relax, but once she did she went all out.

7-  Robert and Annie in the kitchen

Behind them, Spencer's place, yet another great hang-out space. Spencer always had something cold, and one of his recipes using maple syrup is to die for.

8-  Jehanne, Linton & friend

Jehanne being characteristically aggressive. Great hat!

9-  Wolfie possessed by the spirit of a jaguar

One of the more memorable body-painting efforts.

Wolfie also contributed the Yurt, where throat-singing classes were held, refuge was taken from dust storms, and all sorts of madness took place. It unfortunately did not seem to get photographed.

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