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1-  Alison teaching a medieval Galician song

Alison led rehearsals during the week for procession honoring the Black Madonnas at sunset Friday.

The procession drew on various talents available in camp, including the drummng of Linton, Mark and Pepe.

2-  Dancers rehearsing

Alison worked some folk dances into the procession, here being practiced by Leigh, June, Dave, Rebecca and Ginette.

3-  Procession rehearsal

Anniedirecting mobile Madonnas.


4-  Procession rehearsal

Papa Wu, the Mayor of Bucktown, assisted Annie and Alison in directing the Procession.

5-  Procession rehearsal

Dancers circle the sculpture.

6-  Procession reheasal: singers

Dancer/singers Ginette, June, Rufo, Kat, Elsa, Alison, Leigh.

You know you're at Burning Man when your lead singer has to wear a dust mask.

7-  Procession rehearsal: fire perfomers

Kassandra and Sarah are among the Canadian fire performers who regularly warm our hearts with their dramatic act.

8-  Procession begins

Dave and June with Arjuna's Tibetan horn.

9-  Procession begins

Jim, Derrel and Tiff with singing bowls. Mark with an njembe.

10-  Alison directing the troops

Papa Wu, Annie, Rufo, June, Ginette, Pepe.

11-  Procession sets off at sunset

Leigh, Elsa, Derrel, Wolfie, and Arjuna in the full costume of a Prince of Frogs.

12-  Procession

Dancin' Phul has the most amazing collection of costumes. These wings are among the most spectacular.

13-  Procession

Jim, another Frog Prince, throat singing and carrying a singing bowl.

14-  Procession

Mobile Madonnas and dancers encircle the sculpture.

15-  Procession

Elsa and Wu lead the ceremony.

16-  Procession: singing

Laude novella, sia cantata
Al'alta donna, encoronata.

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