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1-  Ray Cirino looks on as the first Mudancers squirm

Ray arranged barrels of water, tarps, and a pyramid from which to photograph crowds of happy people wallowing in the mud.


2-  A new dancer gets mudded down

3-  Drummers accomanying the festivities

Including Grady and Pepe.


4-  Choreographed events

Ray directed us through a series of mandalas, writhing circles, and so forth.

5-  Papa Wu and friends

Once again Wu led much of the carryings-on. Was this moment choreographed? Had to say.

6-  Choreography breaks up

Chaos happens.

7-  Oil dance

For Mudance Phase 2 we washed off the mud (using Ray's Water Woman sculpture as shower), then put on fragrant essential oils supplied by Oshana.

In one memorable excercise a circle of women locked arms into an circular "egg" and tried to prevent writhing men, forbidden from using their arms, from squirming their way inside.

7-  Circle butt slither

Butts arrayed in a circle, one person at a time slithers around the circle on everyone else's butt.

Did I mention this was a lot of fun? Thanks, Ray!

7-  Pikl rehydrating

Water never tastes better than it does in the desert.

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