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Opera Diaspora Camp - Burning Man 2001

There was no Burning Man Opera in 2001. Pepe was in India most of the year making Ganga Ma, a film about the Ganges.

Instead of a large production, our camp focused on music workshops, particularly throat-singing and chant, and supporting Annie Hallatt's sculpture.

Photos mainly by Jim Gasperini and Albert Doherty.


The Black Madonnas/Spinning Angels, with a living Madonna

Black Madonnas/Spinning Angels

Annie Hallatt was our resident sculptor this year. Her wind-powered Black Madonnas/Spinning Angels was the first sculpture you encountered as you walked from Center Camp toward the Man.

Images of Annie and various helpers setting up the sculpture and the finished work.

Lead singer Elsa Higby and Arjuna, Prince of Frogs

Procession Honoring the Black Madonnas


Drawing on various talents within the Opera Diaspora community, Alison organized a grand procession, chant and dance honoring the Black Madonnas. .

Images of rehearsals held all week and the procession itself, Friday night at sunset.



The second phase of Mudance had us in an oily circle


Many of us participated in the rituals at our sister camp next door, Mudance, conceived and directed by Ray Cirino, with logistical assistance provided by Twan.


Sarah plays the gong while Arjuna plays Tibetan Horn
Frog Pond


Shots mostly from the Frog Pond, main daytime hangout space. Unfortunately I have no shots from the Yurt and few from some of the other public spaces.

The throat-singing Frogs perform at Center Camp.
Out & About


Performances at Center Camp and the Alien Love Nest; dancing in the Latex Vacuum Bag, Tai Chi, and memorable visitors.