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3-  Jim backed by Ukelele Ladies Ginette, Jehanne and Megan
If you like a ukelele lady, ukelele lady likea you
If you like to linger where it's shady, ukelele lady linger too
If you kiss a ukelele lady, and you promise ever to be true
And she sees another ukelele lady fooling 'round with you
Maybe she'll sigh (an awful lot)
Maybe she'll cry (and maybe not)
Maybe she'll find somebody else, by and by and by
To cling to, when it's cool and shady
When it's very wicky-wacky-woo
If you like a ukelele lady,
Ukelele lady likea you like me like I like you like we both like the same
And I'd like to say, this very day, ukelele lady likea you-u-u-u!