Cha-ee-cha-tee Ee-sa-ee-li!

For reasons clear only to the submerged Atlanteans themselves, we seem to have been annointed for a sacred and unbelievable mission: to reconstruct their sublime society and summon them up from the depths on Sept 1, 2000 at in a ancient giant "dry" lakebed in Nevada.

Perhaps they saw our giant grass-roots opera rituals of spiritual awareness, expression, and eroticism as the most likely attempt yet at harmonizing with their energies. But whether for this reason or for other more mysterious ones, they have indeed made contact with humans for the first time in thousands of years.

Over the last few months, they have transmitted to operatives, several deeply mystic documents which our Atlantis researchers have been struggling valiantly to fully comprehend.

But perhaps the Atlanteans feel that we need all of our combined wisdom to understand them in fullness. So we decided to reveal our first conclusions regarding their interpretation, in case anyone else feels like they can help us understand or actually reconstruct their utopian society.

First and foremost, it appears that this is largely a personal and social mystic experience, in which we may attempt to understand how to gather and vibrate and transmit the energies which they call "Pure Love."

Their culture also offered us the opportunity to reanimate their more ancient and cosmic understanding of sexuality and gender. To do this, they have also given us some clues regarding their Alien origins and their diaspora of their culture into the various ancient civilations that they seeded before submerging.

Finally, they have revealed to us various enlightening aspects of their culture (including Atlantean Language and the original Atlantean Tarot ) all of which seem to demonstrate the Fourfold Cycle or "Wave" that pervades their ritual and leads to spiritual ecstasy.

From this, we have reconstructed a system of concentric circles of mystery which begin with a Dance Vortex in front of the Pyramid, open to all who see the beacons beckoning. This half-hourlong, four phase ryhthm dance wave integrating music, dancestyle, lights, and videoprojection occur thrice-nightly from Sunday through Wednesday.

At the end of this open rite, any who feel compelled can enter the pyramid for a 45 minute initiation into the Atlantean Mysteries necessary for them participate in the Opera Great Rite of Friday night.

Atlantean Greeting

The Atlantean greeting is a pair of Atlantean phrases used when two Atlanteans meet. Some of its deeper meanings will be made clear during the Initiation. The first phrase is the greeting; the second is the reply.

Cha-ee-cha-tee Ee-sa-ee-li.

                      Pa-oh-lee Lee-oh-pa.

It is best to learn the Atlantean Greeting by beginning with the final syllable. Repeat each line in turn. Accented syllables are in bold:
            ee lee
          sa ee lee
        Ee sa ee lee
      tee Ee sa ee lee
    cha tee Ee sa ee lee
  ee cha tee Ee sa ee lee
Cha ee cha tee Ee sa ee lee

(lee as in we)
(ee as in we)
(sa in ha)
(tee as in tea)
(cha as in cha-cha-cha)


Giving: Cha - ee - cha -tee Ee - sa - ee -lee.

The Reply:

        oh pa
      Lee oh pa
    lee Lee oh pa
  oh lee Lee oh pa
Pa oh lee Lee oh pa

(pa as in ha ha)
(oh as in Oh!)
(lee as in we)

Giving: Pa - oh -lee Lee - oh - pa.

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