The Vortex Dance

Night after night, those who choose the Vortex path will dance to live and mixed music, underneath the vast video art projected on our great Pyramid. On the night of September 1st, we will lead our fellow Atlanteans in the sacred Vortex dance as part of the Great Rite.

By moving though the Five Rhythms we will invite our souls to open to the infinite. With our people in the firelight and starlight of the playa, we will open ourselves and invite in ecstasy, transcendence, and the pure love of Cosmic Union.

The Five Rhythms are:

  • Waves: dancing in circular motions, reaching out for our inner selves, accepting and grounding in who we are right now.
  • Shapes: dancing with sharp, angular motions. This dance reaches outward, and asserts who we are, how we shape our world.
  • Chaos: dancing in all forms randomly. This dance releases the frustrations, confusions and anger of daily life, through a channel that can pour flame.
  • Joy: dancing with our hearts rising to the sky, a light and joyful dance that invites our natural joy to come to the surface.
  • Quiet: dancing very slowly, or just feeling the flows in stillness. We invite openness and trance, sharing the pure love of Cosmic Union.

During the week, we will learn and dance the Vortex together. We will practice techniques to learn to relax into our sacred dance.

We will lead nightly Vortex dances outside the Great Pyramid to welcome new people into our sacred dance and into initiations in the many Ways of Atlantis.

Some of us will also choose to lead Atlanteans through the Vortex at the very end of night, bringing out Pure Love to greet the dawn.

On the night of the Ultimate Ritual, the night of the Opera, many, many people will dance the Vortex with us. In the fire and starlight we will guide them though the Vortex, and together invite into ourselves ecstasy, transcendence and Pure Love.

If you feel drawn to this path, please post to the opera list and tell us all why you feel this is right for you, and the background you bring to our journey. If you don't feel comfortable posting to the list, please contact Sanford, leader of the Vortex, directly at:


(This dancing has many influences, from the ancient Atlantean scripts to received wisdom, but a great influence is the work of Gabrielle Roth and her Five Rhythm Wave(TM). Anyone interested in her work might enjoy "Sweat Your Prayers: Movement as Spiritual Practice" and the many classes offered by her students.)

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