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For a couple weeks in the desert, the Troupe of the Traditional Burning Man Opera boldly recreated life as it was lived thousands of years ago, during the visit of the Pleiadians to our planet.

Here are some scenes from a experience so extraordinary that it can only be understood as a manifestation of Pure Love.

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Images so far mainly by Jim Gasperini. We now have a section of good shots of the Great Rite courtesy Albert Doherty, but we could still use more. A few others can be found at:

Steve Fritz's site
a few images Melitta made from her video

  Other photos by Jim may be found here.

Looking through the Yoni, portal to the spine of the Man. In the distance, the Lingam

Pepe's Sculptures

In the beginning was the Lingam.

Images of Pepe at work mudding the Yoni, and the collection of mud at Fly Hot Springs.

Atlantis camp viewed from the Playa

The Pyramid


The central edifice of the Village of Atlantis was a three-story wooden pyramid.

Images of its principal creator Professor Rubik, views from the top of camp the playa, and scenes from the second floor including Elonifer Skyhawk giving readings in the Atlantean Tarot.


Group Kitchen

Sarah repairs her oven while campers take advantage of Water Woman's shower feature

Shots of our extraordinary chefs Sebastian and Sarah.

The saga of Sarah's oven.

Moonbulls rehearse in front of the pyramid as a storm approaches
Rehearsals and Vortex

Scenes of choreographic preparations and a few of the nightly Dance Vortex.


High Priests of the Moonbulls before the Moonbull altar
Pyramid Initiations

Shots of preparations for the nightly initiations in the first floor of the pyramid, including the Alien House Band and the High Priests and Priestesses.


Cody makes up Parodox and Tierza as The Divine Hermaphrodite

Costume preparations for the Great Rite, largely the day of the performance. Standard-bearer costumes, moonbulls, sunsnakes, some Thar-taurs.


Two Pleiadians and a Thar-Taur
The Great Rite 1

A selection of photos by Albert Doherty, including good shots of various Sunsnakes, Moonbulls and Pleiadians, and the burning Lingam.

We still need shots of various Thar-Taurs, the standard-bearers in action, the Divine Hermaprodite, the Alien Mystics throwing the Atlantean Tarot...


Tarqunina on the giant swing next door
Some Eminent Atlanteans

A more or less random set of portraits of camp members and others who performed with us.


Papa Wu leads Atlantean Style Naked Tai Chi
Village Life

An assortment of camp events--Atlantean Tai Chi, the Playa Wedding of Lawn Boy and Dancing Fool, and the destruction of the Pyramid.


The giant faces, with rainbow
Elsewhere on the playa

A few shots of what was going on elsewhere at Burning Man.


What is the Burning Man Opera?

"Burning Man" is a giant sandbox for adults, in which we get to play with all the great no-no's (including fire, sex, religion) as well as more conventionally acceptable toys (music, dance, costumes, the plastic arts).

"Burning Man Opera" is a Gesamtkunskwerk (total art work) in a sense Wagner could not have imagined: the elaborately invented, anthropologically studied "backstage" culture is as much a part of the work as the brief ritual offered to the "audience."

We play with fire, sex, religion, music, costumes, sculpture, culture in one elegant multidimensional project, around which over the years has coalesced a remarkable community.

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