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1-  Faces sculpture by Dan Das Mann, with rainbow

Three faces, each made of a different material (wood, copper, and grass). One of the more spectacular sculptures along the Great Body, particularly at night, when the eyes glowed eerily and dripped flaming tears.

Somewhat anomalously placed, since the head was supposed to be at the other end of things, but perhaps this was judged too good to be placed so far out of the way.

2-  "Turd Angels" rehearsing near the Giant Anus

The Yoni's nearest neighbor along the spine of the body was the Giant Anus, which you could jump through onto a slide.

The Turd Angels were part of a performance here Sunday night.

3-  "Angela the Flower Girl" and an admirer on the giant swing

The sight of this beautiful and beautifully painted woman swinging back and forth, up and down was enough to take your breath away.

At one point I counted five guys taking pictures of her. When asked permission, to each she cheerfully replied "I don't mind."


4-  My feet at the giant swing's apogee

I still had blue dye on my heels and toes two weeks after Burning Man.

5-  Linton on another swing

This swing was inside a sculpture representing, I think, the ribcage of the Man.

6-  The Body of Knowledge, by Flash & Dana Albany

A sculpture made largely from books, this one also was impressive both during the day and at night.

7-  Forging a giant wishbone

A burning sculpture representing the Heart doubled as a metal refinery. At the end of the week a section of playa was turned into a forge to make a giant wishbone.

8-  Giant flag sculpture by Charlie Geneken

An impressive series of flags some one hundred yards long, flapping constantly in the Playa wind.

9-  Stiltwalker watching the Thunderdome

This guy was one of a group of six or so similarly-dressed stilkwalkers striding across the playa one evening.

The full length of the flag sculpture can be seen in the distance.

10-  Fighters in the Thunderdome

Inside a large geodesic dome, two fighters at a time suspended on bungee cords Mad Max-style whack at each other with soft mallets.

One of the costumed referees watches in the foreground.

In the four matches I watched, none of the fighters made much use of the bungee feature after the first minute. They simply groped and whacked away standing in the center.

11-  Tree sculptures

In amongst these trees, which seemed to be made of discarded mylar tape, were patches of 'flowers' made from old computer disks.

12-  Butt-art contest in Gigsville

A theme camp hooking up body-painting artists with volunteer 'canvasses' solicited from passersby by the emcee in the pink wig.


13-  "Fish" act, with digeridoos, on the Alien Sex Camp stage

On this stage you had ten minutes to earn a nifty necklace (unless you were 'gonged,' i.e. forced to finish early).

I got my necklace for singing most of The Lonely Cowboy, a '20s singin' cowboy song featuring throat singing interludes between verses.


14-  Alien Sex Camp performance

The Alien Sex Camp staged their own performance, a kind of slow-motion ballet inside a large tank, during their cocktail party Friday evening.

15-  Slave and slave-driver

Other performers took their act on the road, wandering about the playa in costume.

16-  Inside a giant Moroccan tent

Yet another form of playa creativity involved the design of camp.

One group liven in a spectacularly beautiful and spacious Moroccan tent.

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