Friends of the
Burning Man Opera

Visit BMO founder, creator, and sculptor artist Pepe Ozan's website, ArtNetwork, with details about Ganga Ma, one of the fabulous documentaries Pepe Ozan and Melitta made in India in 2001.

Visit BMO director and co-writer Christopher Fulling's ambitious, exciting project in Italy, just outside of Rome: The Art Monastery. It just may change your life!

From 1998 thru 2002, Twan served as a Burning Man Opera producer, along with BMO artist and founder Pepe Ozan and Christopher Fuelling. For seven years, from 1999 thru 2006, Twan also served as Burning Man Regional Director for the Los Angeles Burning Man Community. When he's not on engaged in Playa activities, Twan produces independent films. Visit Twan's List for information about interesting events in and around L.A., southern California, and the southwestern United States. Alternatively, Twan can help you discover other forms of online gaming entertainment!

Composer Eric Oberthaler's SoundsLikeTree page, where Opera 2000 music can be downloaded.

The official home page of Jim Gasperini, Burning Man Opera webmaster and interaction designer

Photographer Brett Amole's exceptional site featuring his work, with many more Burning Man Opera photos: BMO 1999. BMO 1998.

One People, arts collective whose members Grady Cousins and Paul Jorgensen played crucial roles in 2000.

More about the movie about the 1998 Opera, "The Eye of Rudra" at Dean Mermell's Story Farm website.

Books and Literature About Burning Man. A list of excellent books about Burning Man and Black Rock City

Gigsville,  longtime Burning Man participants

Brother Matt: BMO friend and collaborator, overall inspiration, educator, Cosmic Cowboy, poet, and super freak

The Awareness Network: For information you won't find in the mainstream media. Squeegee your 3rd eye!


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