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The Great Rite of Cosmic Union (Script)


When the marauding Pleiadian Hermaphroknights known as the Thar-Taurs followed their leader Atlan into Cosmic Awareness, they transcended their intergalactic aggression and devoted themselves to spreading their mystic principle of Xaixati Isaili. When they perceived the first glimmers of this force among the primitive ape-men of Earth, the Thar-Taurs came to share their wisdom from their floating spaceship/city of Atlantis.

Although many ancient civilizations received their initial impulse from the Atlantean Thar-Taurs (before they submerged themselves 11,000 years ago) the enlightened Atlantean principles survived in their religion and artifacts only as dim and fractured memories. However, recent, startling transmissions from cryptic sources revealed to us the long-sought-for Atlantean Tarot (the source of the much-diluted subsequent human tarots). In fact, the triangular cards of the four Tetrahedrons of the Atlantean Tarot, appear to be nothing less than the diverse crystallizations of the ancient Thar-Taurs themselves. They also imply that if we reunite all the estranged and imbalanced sexual and social constructs (as they are revealed by the images of the Atlantean Thar-taurs), this rite will summon the submerged Atlanteans themselves, allowing us to join them in their Transcendent Joy of Cosmic Union.

We are reconstructing their lost culture and initiating Moon-Bulls and Sun-Snakes into the Atlantean Mysteries in a giant Pyramid in a week-long preparation for the Great Rite of Cosmic Union, to be performed at the appointed time: at sundown on September 1st, 2000.



A 400' oval on the ground designates the perimeter of the Holy Space.

A Lingam 40' tall stands erected on one side of the oval. An 18' Yoni stands symmetrically opposite to the Lingam, 200' away. These Organs represent the dual forces in the Universe, whose simultaneous union and destruction generate the Forces of Creation.

Midway between the Organs, the Atlan Talisman indicates the circle of the Kundalingam, the center of power where the Divine Forces of the Cosmic Union will be summoned and transmitted throughout the Universe.

Forming a cross with the Axis of the Organs, two pyres rest on the narrow sides of the oval.




The primary human manifestations of Atlantean Hermaphroditic sexuality are the beautiful, lunar, bull-men in phosphorescent blue bodypaint and the powerful, solar, snake-women radiant in gold. Dyads of one Moonbull and one Sunsnake, representing the two halves of the Hermaphroditic Atlanteans, can receive the necessary preparation for the Great Rite, through a Dance Vortex and Initiation in the Pyramid (which will be conducted by ATLANTEAN ALIEN priests.)

MONKEY MUSICIANS will provide the music for the Great Rite, coordinated by Kapellemeister Erich von Oberthaler.


Each of the Tarot (originally "Thar-taur") cards represent one of the twenty four facets of the wisdom of Atlan and the Thar-taurs as well as the facets of human existence, as enlightened by the Ancient Alien Atlanteans.

16 STANDARD-BEARERS, brandish triangular banners, representing four Atlantean Tarot cards of each of the four suits. At the climax of the Great Rite they will perform the Thar-taurian Dance for the Sacred Reading.

34 TAROT CHARACTERS will personify the various aspects of the cards. These trained performers will achieve the purest form of their Atlantean aspects through a deeper understanding of the Atlantean Tarot, Mythology, and Ritual. Throughout the week, they will provide structure and wisdom to the entire Atlantean community. During the Final Rite the Tarot Characters will enact the formal rituals required for them to finally reunite all of the estranged elements of the Thar-taurs.







1. MUSIC: "Alien Anthem"

ACTION: ALIEN & APE PRIESTS, TAROT CHARACTERS, STANDARD-BEARERS and invited ALIEN DIGNITARIES: entrance and seating in front of musicians stage

TEXT: welcomes the visiting Alien dignitaries

2. MUSIC: no beat, all atmospheric. A sonorous voice reads selected Sacred Verses with a translation to English at every line:

ACTION: MOON BULLS and SUN-SNAKES enter from either side of the area in single-file curved lines, each ceremonially carrying a piece of wood held as high as they can, as symbol of submission and service. The Sunsnakes leave their offerings by the Lingam and Moonbulls by the yoni, then begin dancing around their genital , interacting with the wood-carrying line...whom maintain solemnity until they lay their log.

STAGE TEXT: One is before and behind the many.

The forms dissipate over the Dark that impairs the Vision. This is the teaching of the Verses.

CHORUS: Xaixati Isaili


MUSIC: From the stage a trumpet sounds, followed by Vortex 1: a flowing melody with a strong beat, danceable and of a richer sound.

ACTION: MOON-BULLS and SUN-SNAKES dance around their organ to the music. As an increasing number of devotees surround the organs, they dance tighter and tighter forming revolving spirals around the organs.

TAROT CHARACTERS & STANDARD-BEARERS take evenly spaced places on the outer perimeter performing the Organ Sacralization Ritual, manifesting the essence of their persona, interacting with the audience. The sum of their characters set the Forces of Atlan in motion.

TEXT: The Wheel of Fortune turns round and round/ from the Divine Dark to the manifest/ with the living creatures upon its rim./ This is the teaching of the Verses.

Chorus: Xaixati Isaili!


MUSIC: From the stage a "fall of drums" sounds, followed by a funky, erotic music with a strong beat. A glimmer of awakening, Atlantean eyes fluttering, a stirring of Atlantean echoes, suddenly takes hold of the masses in a seducing powerful embrace, and the music, now entranced by such energy, follows suit.

When the rope is out and Lingam ready to move, a trumpet and gongs sound, creating a dramatic continuous sound, which is followed by a rhythmic slow march for pulling the Lingam...punctuated by monkey chants of nervous anticipation.

ACTION: TAROT CHARACTERS & STANDARD-BEARERS move to and sacralize the axis mundi, summoning the energies that pull the planets and stars for one another.

SUN-SNAKES pull the rope out of the Lingam, dancing erotically with it. When the trumpet sounds, they pull the Lingam towards the Kundalingam.

MOONBULLS dance erotically around the Kundalingam until they prostrate themselves when the Lingam enters the circle.


1. MUSIC: An explosion sounds from the stage which generates a chaotic composition , with a driving beat, intensely active and complex, representing both chaos and the Tarot shuffling.

1. ACTION: SUN-SNAKES go to pyres to get torches.

TAROT CHARACTERS, preparing for the Cosmic Reading, approach the outer perimeter. STANDARDS BEARERS circle the Lingam rapidly in opposite directions, braiding through one another, representing the shuffling of the Tarot and the random revolution of the cosmos. GREAT MAGICIAN, blindfolded, randomly chooses seven cards-standards, one after another. The chosen Standards and the matching Tarot Characters run toward each other, meeting at one point on the Sacred Septagon , the Pleiades, the original home of the Atlanteans.

2. MUSIC: Pause for reading, then more chaos

2. ACTION: SUNSNAKES run screaming to light the lingam.


MUSIC: A triumphant sound blasts the space, followed by a joyful, bright, sweet, bouncy and danceable composition. At the lighting of the Lingam a voice shouts praises to Atlan over the music.

ACTION: MOON-BULLS pull the flaming Lingam to the Yoni, accompanied by the STANDARD BEARERS who move around them, swaying in time to the pulling.

SUN-SNAKES dance erotically, expectantly, arousing the Yoni in preparation for the Cosmic Union.

STANDARD BEARERS join and follow the chosen Standards at the Sacred Pentagon . The chosen Standards light the Lingam and lead the following ceremony.

TAROT CHARACTERS join the Standard Bearers, forming geometrical patterns in motion. The scene represents the exodus of the Atlanteans from their Galaxy.

TEXT: The run of the performers is followed by the reading of a Sacred Tarot Verse that reveals their esoteric nature.


MUSIC: A gong sounds from the stage and stillness descends on the playa, to be followed by the slow march that drives and guides the Dance of Cosmic Union.

ACTION: MOON-BULLS and SUNSNAKES reunite in their original Dyads around the perimeter for the Atlantean Dance of Union.

TAROT CHARACTERS, behind the moving Lingam, perform the sacred ritual that brings together the Bulls and the Snakes.


MUSIC: Ecstatic

ACTION: ALL PERFORMERS. Holding hands or embracing, move into the audience to share the Atlantean mantra Xaixati Isaili and its sacred gesture, inviting the audience to join their ecstatic dance movements. The music and the dance grows towards an all-out chaotic and erotic dancing around the burning organs until the Lingam collapses.

The end. The beginning.

















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