Cha-ee-cha-tee Ee-sa-ee-li!

The Love Horizon: When the primitive ape-men of earth experienced the first conscious glimmers of Pure Love, it was immediately recognized by the sophisticated sensors of the Pleiadians, monitoring them from the stars. The ineffably advanced society of the sublime, hermaphroditic Pleiadians sought to nurture intense manifestations of Pure Love with religious devotion when they appeared throughout the universe. On earth, they saw immensely strong pure love fields developing amongst early humankind, but they were completely out of control with violent potential.

The Pleiadians landed tens of thousands of years ago (though the precise dates are shrouded in human prehistory and are considered to be too recent to be relevant to the Pleiadians)and took immediately to the oceans. They felt at home in the endlessly flowing matter sustaining sympathetic Dolphin life forms (who were already masters of a simple and perfect manifestation of Pure Love). They built their floating pyramid cities to calm and enlighten the budding human societies of the Earth, the main one of which they named in their Ancient Pleiadian tongue, Atlantis.

It was by this name that they and their citadel were known in the dim human memories of a prehistoric "Golden Age". When they finally decided to submerge themselves some time around 9,000 BCE into the mysterious depths of the oceans, they indeed had left a legacy of peace and prosperity in the various societies that they had nurtured. Unfortunately most of these very societies underwent a patriarchal revolution and became more highly hierarchical and militarized. As a result, the Atlantean values survived mainly in mythology, art, and ritual...however, given the clues of their mystic transmissions, some of the Atlantean worldview can be reconstructed backwards from the diverse ancient cultures (such as the Ancient Minoans of Crete, Egyptians, Mayans and several others) that display some of the known Atlantean characteristics."

Atlantean Greeting

The Atlantean greeting is a pair of Atlantean phrases used when two Atlanteans meet. Some of its deeper meanings will be made clear during the Initiation. The first phrase is the greeting; the second is the reply.

Cha-ee-cha-tee Ee-sa-ee-li.

                      Pa-oh-lee Lee-oh-pa.

It is best to learn the Atlantean Greeting by beginning with the final syllable. Repeat each line in turn. Accented syllables are in bold:
            ee lee
          sa ee lee
        Ee sa ee lee
      tee Ee sa ee lee
    cha tee Ee sa ee lee
  ee cha tee Ee sa ee lee
Cha ee cha tee Ee sa ee lee

(lee as in we)
(ee as in we)
(sa in ha)
(tee as in tea)
(cha as in cha-cha-cha)


Giving: Cha - ee - cha -tee Ee - sa - ee -lee.

The Reply:
        oh pa
      Lee oh pa
    lee Lee oh pa
  oh lee Lee oh pa
Pa oh lee Lee oh pa

(pa as in ha ha)
(oh as in Oh!)
(lee as in we)

Giving: Pa - oh -lee Lee - oh - pa.



As more of the Atlantean worldview emerges, it would appear that the hermaphroditic Pleiadians taught a spirituality and sexuality to the early ape-men that stressed the union of male and female principles.

Consequently, by reconstructing backwards from the most ancient layer of pre-patriarchal myths and art, we see the Atlantean masculine principle emerging as a beautiful bull: a strong and sexy, love object whose large, moonlike eyes arouse passion as they glimmer with wisdom, intesity, and kindness. Complimentarily, they seemed to have worshipped their feminine principle whose golden light radiates the power of the sun: strong priestesses hold their sacred snakes aloft as they lustily revel in ecstatic dances, taking their pleasure as their birthright. Consequently, sexual union was a rite of arousal and ecstasy that was a metaphor for returning to the ideal balanced state of their Alien hermaphroditism.

Rather than and exchange of physical fluids, the Atlanteans sought to allow pure love energy to flow between one another, as a joyful reaffirmation of the prime energy of the universe which flows in us all.

On the playa, we are constructing a giant Atlantaen Tree of Life with continues into the Village of Atlantis which intersects with the giant supine "body" around which the burningman is aligned. The energies of both with begin to collect around the giant Yoni Portal and Lingam Tower, which collectively determine the heretofore ambiguous gender of THE BODY as hermaphroditic.

This central Atlantean principle implies a more substantial fusion of the sexes than even intercourse and will be spectacularly celebrated in the Great Rite of the Atlantis Opera, on Friday night, September 1, as the 40 foot Lingam will be dragged, flaming, across the 200 foot Oval Temenos to fuse with the awaiting Yoni Gate.

Indeed, the hundreds of performers who will drag it, in a scene reminiscent of ancient pyramid building, will further exemplify the fusion of genders: Participants will be invited to become initiated into ancient, pre-patriarchal sexual/spritual archetypes as either Knasalin (blue men embodying the lunar male principle as a sacred bull/lover-object) or as Naxapi (radiant golden priestesses manifesting the solar energy of the sexually and socially empowered feminine).


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