~ S.C.U.B.A.~

1. We must generate a collective fountain of words of all kinds. Every word is precious, yet there is to be a premium placed upon those words which most deeply partake of ~sacred nonsense~. There is some mention of a critical mass necessary to achieve sufficient word flow. We do this via email on our list. Are you drawn to join us?

2. We must also all atune our perception to be sensitive to those words or small collections of words which have a slight glow to them. The Atlanteans called this glow ~nin~. Those words with the glow must be rewritten, regurgitated, and rechanneled into subsequent flowing streams of words (via email, too). We allow those with the strongest glow to rise to the top of the pool, over and over, mingling with the new flow.

Steps 1 and 2 will continue until we all leave for the playa. Meanwhile...

3. Those who feel the special pull created by this whirlpool of ideas may elect to undertake a further, more sacred step into the holy waters. It is a form of group chanting involving the glowing phrases from the collective fountain, and it is the core of the S.C.U.B.A. practice. Each person individually is charged with the task of writing down the most radiant ~nin~ on ripped strips of unlined blank paper. Then the papers of the group are combined into a bowl and placed in the center of a room near a candle and another bowl filled with water. A circle is formed around them by the group of those who feel chosen to assemble. A meditative space is created by whatever means are natural to each group. The group dedicates themselves ~Pure Love~ and to the forming of a single antennae through which to receive transmissions from the deep waters of the imagination. Then...

...a special music is begun. (This music was found encoded alongside the document's pages on this S.C.U.B.A. practice. We have it ready in mp3 form for you to download). This music will form the backdrop of the chanting which follows. It is about 4 1/2 minutes long, so it is recommended that it be played several times in a row to allow for the proper length of ritual. Try it at several volume levels to determine which works best for you. The chanting should proceed like this:

1) begin by each person selecting a piece of paper. make contact with the glow of it.

2) start to mutter the phrase as if it were a mantra. everyone - all at once. over and over. first softly, then let the volume rise and fall naturally as you feel it.

3) let the speed modulate itself freely. allow yourself to sing if you feel it.

4) then begin to dissolve the english. break apart and scramble the syllables as you chant the phrase. repeat the phonemes in various ways. let the sounds become unhooked from whatever meaning they once had.

5) if at this point you are moved by an unfamiliar force to speak wildly in a tongue not your own then allow this to happen. make yourself a transparent vessel for whatever voice springs from within. if you are not so moved, you may exchange one piece of paper for another in the bowl.

6) all of this time: keep your ears wide for phrases in the room and your own head. they will dart about - in and out. this is the water line, and it will dissappear if the practice is done correctly for long enough.

7) maintain your transparent receptivity, and allow ideas to move through you. do not try to hold on to them. it is said that these voices are the voices of the Atlanteans.

8) as each phrase has been dissolved into babbling take it a burn it in the flame and then drop it into the water (before it burns you).

9) when all phrases have been burned and the energy has receded to a peaceful level then fade down the music and allow a period of time to emerge from the state you were in and reground. this is very important. when you feel clear, look up and make eye contact with everyone else in the circle.

10) again dedicate yourselves to ~Pure Love~ and end the ritual in some appropriate way.


4. Bring any insights or new ~nin~ back to the list and recirculate them. From this pool we may discover The Sacred Scripts of the Atlanteans! These words will be those we use to call them forth at the Great Final Rite on Friday, September 1st in the Black Rock Desert! It is only through YOUR participation that we can achieve this.

There will come a time when this music will play LOUD out on the Playa. We need to charge the space and prepare to send the messages back to the submerged land. It will need to be a wildly glorious noise.

~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "~Sacred Nonsense~" - blade that pierces the deepest waters... slice the membrane at the far side of the imagination...



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