Temple of Rudra Sects Breakdown


Temperament: Irascible, enraged, Lighting Fires

Sacred Role: Rudra Bearers, Torches

Sacred Duty: Lighting Fires

Element: FIRE Color: YELLOW

Body Paint: Yellow base, elaborate tribal geometric patterns

Object of Adoration: Chalice of Rudra

Carried Objects: Torches, Fire

Mythic Characters & Icons: Kali, Loki, Legba, Ares, Medea, thuggis,dervishes, tantrics, fakirs

Choreography: Furious/Athletic


Temperament: Indifferent, somatose

Sacred Role: Lotus-Eaters

Sacred Duty: Sprinkling holy water

Element: WATER

Color: AQUA/ (bluegreen)

Body Paint: Light blue/aqua, unpainted rouged bikini lines areas mocking artificial sexuality

Object of Adoration: Waterfilled Lotus of Mami-Wata

Carried Objects: Water Shakers

Mythic Characters & Icons: Mamiwata Krishna, Aphrodite, Isis,Angelyne,Atlantis, mermaids, stars, psychedelia

Choreography: Blissed-out Tai Chi


Temperament: Melancholic, lovelorn, angst

Sacred Role: Thruifers Sacred Duty: Fanning Smoke of Incense

Element: AIR

Color: BLACK

Body Paint: White, ghoulish pallor with dark eyes

Object of Adoration: funeral pyre, ancestral skulls & relics, the Oracle

Carried Objects: Thurifers with incense

Mythic Characters & Icons: Orpheus, Osiris, Pluto, Parsifal, Siva, Merlin, vampires, wraiths

Choreography: Elegant


Temperament: Hardy, cheerful, lusty, intense

Sacred Role: Body/Earth fertility

Element: EARTH

Color: RED (earthtone)

Body Paint: Earth/mud, greenish, dried playa mud or red dyed mud, animal markings

Object of Adoration: Giant drum? Lingam

Carried Objects: Gourd, phallot, horsetails

Mythic Characters & Icons: Pan Gaea, Dionysis, Ceres, Priapicsatyrs, woodnymphs, shamans, bacchae

Choreography: Animal

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