Burning Man Opera 2004
Spiral Eye of the Celestial Falcon

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Spiral Eye Proposal Construction
Set Up Party

Clean-up Plan
Images from the afternoon party at Lenny's in Berkeley, at which the Spiral Eye was set up.
Still more to do in the final week! Need for people to help construct solar barque, paint panels, work on costumes. Contact Annie.

Work begins: crew stalwarts Hank, Beri, Robert, Tom and Berne.

The setting: a charming old gas station in central Berkely, now an automotive repair shop and art gallery, next door to Leonard Pitt's home.

A major partly-assembled piece waits on the side to be added to the spiral.

Suspended in the air is Lenny's original small-scale work, one of many he created in Paris in the 1960's. It was this "model" that inspired Annie to build a large-scale version on the playa.

Once the first half is complete, the crew rolls and turns it into a position that will give the rest of the sculpture room.

One question is answered: yes, we will be able to roll it. However, the many stress points make it somewhat delicate, and it will likely be firmly tethered to the playa most of the time.

Note the lovely shadows, which will be very striking on the playa.

Preparing the second major assembled block of smaller pieces to be added to the first half of larger pieces.
A group of party volunteers move the second large assembled block into place.
Random on a ladder connecting sections.

A tense moment. At certain points a large crew is needed to hold sections in place. At one point the tension was too much and one of the wooden segments snapped.

That this happened only once is a tribute to the long and painstaking work Beri, Annie, Random and several others put into its design and construction, and the good work of the assembly crew and volunteers.

Lenny and Annie standing inside the finished
Spiral Eye of the Celestial Falcon.


Dissassembling the piece. Some chunks of smaller sections were left together, but most of the tetrahedrons had be be unscrewed and carefully stacked.

That the whole thing can be put up and taken down in an afternoon is good news for the playa. The crew learned a lot from the exercise, which will also help.

Spiral Eye Proposal Construction Performance

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