Burning Man Opera 2004
Spiral Eye of the Celestial Falcon

Camp map

Spiral Eye Proposal Sculpture
Set Up Party

Clean-up Plan
Images from the construction of the Spiral Eye, costumes and paintings at Annie's studio in Berkeley.
Still more to do in the final week! Need for people to construst, paint figurines, work on costumes. Contact Annie. See images here of party 8/22 when the sculpture was set up in Berkeley.

Beri and Random preparing tetrahedrons and angle braces.

Beri, project engineer, demonstrating the angle at which tetrahedrons interlock.

Annie among piled finished tetrahedrons.

Emily drawing the outline for a large panel featuring images from Egyptian mythology.

The panels will be used either on the Solar Barque or the Arktagon.

Emily filling in colors for one of her drawings.

Plenty of panels remain! You too can make one!
Get in touch with your inner Isis!

Annie with Berne,
showing costume elements designed by Gina,
in front of Emily's completed panels.

Lindsey among the various tools in Annie's studio.

Annie showing plans for the Solar Barque, an art car which will be part of our camp. The trailer flat is behind her.

Construction of the Barque is being led by Lee Lung; see design at his site.

In the background: elements of the Omphalos,
which Robin is preparing for a reappearance
in Opera Camp this year.

A week later (8/17), the makings of the ship shape can be seen on the Barque, along with some of the throne-like furnishings and canopy.

In the foreground, Beri has begun work on the Solar Disk, which will crown the converted old station wagon that will pull the Barque.


New camp member Lucky painting panels to be used as seats in the Solar Barque.


Sygyt gluing beads on collars for the performance.


Lee adding the second side to the Solar Barque. At the front of the ship, steps lead to a raised platform on which one of the singers will sit or stand during the performance.

Spiral Eye Proposal Set Up Party

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