Burning Man Opera 2004
Spiral Eye of the Celestial Falcon

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A Grand Epic Ritual of Global Awakening....unto the End of Time....

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Costume Suggestions                 

Opera Camp Wear:

Elonifer channeling Tut-On-Ra-Coon

Annie, Emily, Beri, and I, Elonifer, your humble scribe, have been working diligently to decipher the secrets of the tomb of Prince Tuton-ra-coon, son of King Tu-ton-myhorn, and the location of his lost family jewels.

We're getting close folks!
To optimize your experience this year with Opera Camp, as a newbie or a veteran operatic, (and to have everyone "ooooh" and "aaaaaah" your attire everywhere you go) you may wish to bring:

1 square yard of medium to heavy cloth with fat striping or mandala prefered. Color is choice of role for performance and any color for other headresses you wish to make.
Option: bring a sheet to cut.

Close-up of headdress and jewelled necklace

buy 2-6 yards of fabric.... or

My bargain barn choice is to get shawls or scarves for headressess, and sheets with fat stripes or cool looking patterns or color.
1 sheet to cut up for headdress and clothing
1 sheer sheet, gauzy or lace for performance and erotic wear
1 sheet to keep whole for a cloak... sheer or heavy or both...is your choice.

An excellent choice is long colorful, sparkly scarves. They can be found among other places at the Ashby flea market in Berkeley.

I will bring cord for belts, but if others want to bring a thin shash or cording with tassels for "glamour" then that would add to their experience.

Seal of the Spiral Eye to be provided after each initiate serves minimum of one hour in the jewel mines of Amon-Re!

Jewel Mines of Amon-Re, waiting to be turned into necklaces. Stop by Annie's pre-playa or plan to work a bit on this in Opera Camp

Headress material...
jewels..... (yum)
some cloth and costumes...
(bring what colors you most feel like, and animal, or element, and white/black/gold/or blue.... depending on role chosen.
REALLY.... it'll be fun!

For Sect garb:
Colors of the four elements and directions:

EAST: Air ... Quetzacoatle, the feathered serpent, the winds
that bring the message of hope...blue and white, and black and white , the colors of dawn and spring. Clarity, new beginnings, the dawn of
tomorrow. !!Caution!! Feathers on serpent masks only!! or not at all, and glued like yo mama told you!

SOUTH: Fire... Bast.... cat goddess-- reds and yellows, play and vibrant energy... the heat of passion and youth and endurance, and they puuur-r-r-r-r-rrrrrrrrr.

WEST: Water.... Anubis.... jackal god of the Underworld, protector of the Pharoahs, and weigher of souls with a feather of truth.

NORTH: Earth.... Hathor... Cattle goddess of Joy, Pleasure and fertility, she gives sustenance to all.... the spots on her body represent the "stars" of the souls of the dead.

Sects include:
"Servents of the Sacred Serpent"- Element of Air, creator myth and harbinger of the East, bringer of tomorrow, bearer of judgement and light. First echo of the knowing of the Maya.

"Order of Bastet"- cat Goddess of playful joy, sensuousness with claws....rowrr-r-rrrr!
Whose twin Sakhmet- the lion headed Goddess who's fury threatened to destroy the world in fire from the South.

"Order of Anubis"- The jackal headed God of darkness who guards the dead along the path into the beyond of the waters of West Nile.

"Followers of Hathor"- She who is the goddess of sensuous fertility and pleasure... who brings the stars down from heaven and whose spots represent the souls of the dead.

May the Eye of the Falcon be upon you!
"unto the end of time"


Nut: She who is the great Grandmother of all... whose body is the cosmos, is the heavens, and her temple is the stars. She who welcomes Amon-Re into her womb each night and surrenders him to the Celestial Falcon.... who returns him each dawn on the East winds of change as Atum the solar disk.... at high noon he again assumes the form of Re. This is the first "eanead" of the gods... the first holy trinity.

Isis: High Priestess of Nut, "Mistress of Magic"... she whose violence of mourning can kill, her determination can resurrect, and she who dared challenge RE himself!

Osiris: He whom Isis restored to life and personification of RE who is reborn each dawn.

Mayet: Spirit of the world order and bearer of the Feather of Truth, presides with Anubis over the weighing of souls into the other world.

Thoth- Baboon god who is the ruler of human-kind, Lord of the Techno-apes.

Lady Xok- who brings the "Breath of Life" ritual to life from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Sakhmet- Lionheaded Goddess, she who is the scorching power of the Sun, defender of the Divine Order and the daughter of RE.

Shu- god of the Shaman winds, - the primal sound and light caused by the "supreme being" pronouncing his name to create the universe. He who bears the sacred word symbolized by the Druid symbol of "AWEN"- the three bars of light.
{Also the first seal on the Tree of Life in the GRAND RITUAL OF AWAKENING}

Hent-Taui - Musician priestess of Amon-Re,

Pythagoras- Time traveler who is the keeper of the numbers and marker of the time.

SINGERS- may be inclined to dress as Gods n Goddesses or act as High Priest/Priestess of a sect, Costume: Gold with Black, White, Blue and cloak of dark black or Blue (a sheet will do.. we'll add the stars!)

Set Up Party

Dates & Schedule

Showdate: SUNDAY Sept. 5
Showtime: 6:30, just before sunset
Location: in the shadow to the Temple of the Stars

Also help create your costume and serve minimum one hour as a temple slave.... show us your devotion!

Tues. Aug 31st-- SPIRAL EYE SOCIAL 5pm - 7pm.
Annie wants to have a Cast and Crew meet and greet party to kick off the show and get any last minute interested parties a chance to show. (check with her if you want more details.)

Annie Hallatt invites all Opera Camp alums and others interested in events associated with this year’s sculpture, The Spiral Eye of the Celestial Falcon, in particular the Sunday night performance directed by Elonifer Skyhawk.

Wed. Sept. 1st -- thru---- Sunday Sept. 5th:
11:30 - 12:30 noon.
Burning Man Opera voice and music, and drum rehearsal. All musical talents welcome! Come and share in the rhythm of life. Learn the basis of the epic 13 part cannon composed for "The Eye of Heaven", this years performance.

Wed. Sept. 1st -thru -Sunday Sept 5th: 5pm - 7pm.
Initiation and rehearsal for Burning Man Opera performance:
Come be a star or help with the show!
Experience this grand Ritual of Awakening!

SUNDAY Sept. 5th

4pm to 5pm
A final procession of Gods, Goddesses and Angels of the Playa. At 4 all hosts of the Celestial Heaven are invited to gather, as your finest, highest selves, at Opera Camp near the Spiral Eye of the Celestial Falcon. At 5 we process to the Temple of the Stars, where at 6:30 the cast will perform the Eye of Heaven Grand Epic Ritual.

Performance @6:30.

Script by Elonifer Skyhawk.

The scene is the playa... about a half hour before sunset. On the open playa with the mountains in the distance, the Celestial Falcon soars overhead. The great Falcon of the gods, that mythical diety of Egyptian mythology, .....he whose left eye is the moon and right eye is the sun. Together, Isis the moon goddess and RA the sun god, preside over their daily ceremony of the dying of the light, and so too
symbolically the passing of the dead and all those we have known.

All are gathered to witness the appearance of the great galactic mother, the vastness of the Goddess Nut, whose body is the cosmos, the temple of stars, and into whose dark womb RA sails unto death each night, only to be born anew each dawn. The legend of the
re-birth of Osiris has been a symbol of hope that there is life after death. The journey of the Celestial Falcon has been a stalwart of re-assurance that tomorrow will come....but only "unto the end of time..."

Before the sun sets, through ritual song and dance, we shall re-enact the history of the world, in 20 minutes, according to the goddess (ok so its abbreviated.) At sunset, we will then observe the "moment of silence" (which all creatures seem to observe but humans!) that will serve as the beginning of a rehearsal for the awakening of our collective conscious mind... the gia-mind....who is our true global identity and extends beyond the end of time.

A Shaman of the mythical Maya, who wears the headdress of the Celestial Falcon, is the narrator in this first episode in a series of 8 operas culminating in the year 2012, the "end of time " as we know it......

Singers, drummers and musicians are on a stage and chanting the first part of an inspired ritual 13 part canonical 'tirza': "The Heartbeat of Gia" -by elonifer skyhawk
This single arrangement is performed in harmony with the performance.

[Act I]
As the time before sunset approaches, silver belled and jeweled playa nymphs scatter through the audience with smiles and incense to bless the people and sanctify the space. 5 crones cast the 5 circles. At a signal, the elements file in around the greater circle. 5 sets of the 4
elements each take their respective positions around the banner of their Element

The moon ritual is performed as Isis invokes the guardians of the four directions. As each direction is called, her respective nymphs are drawn to her in eager attendance.

After all four directions are summoned, Elements and Elementals all dance in joyous celebration! [Act II]
Enter Techno-monkeys. They dominate the earth, her elements, and attempt to enslave
them all (sound familiar?)

Elements and nymphs attempt to protect the "Mother with child" as Techno-monkeys become more bold. Nature's nymphs unleash fire and brimstone to hold back the apes. From within each of the five circles beneath the cloak of the mother-to-be, arise...

the Maidens: 5 sword dancer/belly dancers who seduce the apes with their seductive dance as the nymphs disarm them and remove all remnants of their techno-civilization. They return to 5 simultaneous spiral dances of joyous celebration, then join together and encourage audience to participate in great spiral dance.

[Act III]
The great spiral horn sounds as the sun begins its journey into night. All stand silent.
Mayan High Priest holds the silence while First Seal of the Vault of Heaven is presented by dancers, as well as held aloft by High Priest Fire is formed/danced in the ancient Druid symbol.
The "Awen": The three bars of light and single spark, that represent the primal sound and light caused by the "supreme being" pronouncing his name to create the universe.This is to be the first seal to be placed upon the ancient "Tree of Life" - the Kabbalah.

Narrator closes with vision beyond the end of time. Tuvan throat singing then Digeridoo break the silence. Chant of "Be Here Now" begins as we allow collective conscious mind to be present. The Spiral Eye is used interactively to 'view the stars' (and burn maybe?)
Spiral dance of all performers and audience, then dancers parade across 'stage' for curtain call... Fire dancers celebration.... then we all trail off and slowly VANISH into the crowd....